Cold starters

Dalmatian smoked ham
Njegus smoked hum
Dried cod with olive oil and garlic
Caviar salmon
Caviar beluga
Smoked salmon
Octopus and kuttelfish
Scampi coctail
Oyster 1 piece
Tartar salmon


Fish soup bouillabaisse
Fish soup

Hot first dishes

Spaghetti with french mussels
Spaghetti with craifish
Spaghetti with sea fruits
Noodles with salmon
Spaghetti e noodles with smoked ham
Risotto with cuttle-fish
Risotto with scampi, craitfish or lobster
Risotto with sea fruits

Sea shells

Rockborer bouzzara
French mussels upon order
Mussels bouzzara
Scallop 1 pcs.
Oyster with spaghetti

1st cat. seafish

Scorpionfish, giltpool, mullet, bass dente, black bream, grouper, seabrems, sole, gilt head bream, red mullet, bream charp, john-dory
Scorpionfish bass, john-dory sol

2nd cat.

Frog fish, hake, gra mulet, salmon, ray gold stripe, saddled-bream


Scampi en craifish bouzzara
Mixed bouzzara bevanda
Fried crabs
Prawn cooked on various ways

Langouste, upon order, 1kg
Lobster, upon order, 1kg
Scampi upon order, 1kg
Crab upon order, 1kg
Big scampi


Octopus grilled (portion)
Cuttle fish grilled (portion)
Squids grilled
Squids stuffed with ham grilled
Fried squids
Mixed shellfish for 2 persons

Restaurant specialities

Fish in salt
Fish with potato oven baked 1kg
Oktopus with potato oven baked for 2 persons
Fish in wine aqua paza 1kg
Mixed bouzzara bevanda style
Mixed fish for 2 persons
Brudet with polenta

Side dishes


Lamds lettuce
Endiv salad
Seasson salad
Dandelon salad
Different chicorys
Arugula with parmigano
Lola rosa
Green salad


Caramel cream
Chocolate mousse
Bananas flambees for 2 persons
Pancakes with shadeau fr 2 persons
Icecream ball
Fresh fruits
Fruits extra


Sheep cheese selam
Parmesan cheese
Sardinian sheep cheese
Paski sheep cheese
Cover (fee toast, butter)